Short Sales - SAF Assist

Are you underwater in your home mortgage or do you know someone who is in need of short sale or foreclosure assistance? SAF Assist is a program that helps homeowners who feel they are forced to consider a short sale or foreclosure of their house. This program is provided to the homeowner with NO out of pocket expense.

Program Description:
SAFAssist is a program designed to provide you with all the support, tools and assistance necessary for a successful short sale of your property and/or assistance in delaying or stopping foreclosure when necessary to have time to complete a sale of your property.

Program Features:
Dedicated Attorney
  • Proper understanding of a short sale and the pursuit and negotiation of a short sale requires legal advice and assistance. The SAFAssist program provides an attorney for you with no out of pocket expense.
  • Attorney will provide you with information and tools to stop or delay a foreclosure of your property, regardless of whether a short sale is needed.
  • Attorney will handle all negotiations with lenders/lien holders.
Dedicated Document Coordinator
  • Handles gathering of short sale documents from you.
  • Assists you with necessary hardship documentation.
  • Sets up files and communicates with attorney.
  • Manages all paperwork submissions to lenders/lien holders.
Program Benefits:
  • Free legal consultation and no out-of-pocket expense for legal representation.
  • Advice about and protection from further liability and income tax ramifications.
  • Pre-qualified buyers when an offer is made to purchase your home.
  • Efforts to minimize the negative effect on your credit score.

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