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UPDATE, July 1:
TRESNC is now offering both in-person classes and synchronous distance instruction through Zoom for Pre- and Postlicensing classes.  In-person classes will require all students to wear a mask and practice social distancing. We will reduce our class sizes to enable social distancing and sanitize the classroom between classes.  No food or beverages will be provided except those in the vending machines; however, students may feel free to bring beverages in closed containers if they desire.

Thank you for bearing with us as we respond to this emergency.  We are doing our best to ensure that you are able to receive your Real Estate education with as little interruption as possible.

Triad Real Estate School NC
 has helped hundreds of students become licensed in the Triad since it opened its doors in 1997. Centrally located in the Hanes Mall area, TRESNC is the number one option for Real Estate prelicensing in Winston Salem. The extensive knowledge of our instructors provides our students with the basis from where to build their Real Estate careers.

Gam Bates has been in the Real Estate business for over 50 years. After teaching Real Estate classes for 37 years, he retired from teaching in 2017 but remains our school Director. 

Dennis Miller has held several top level positions in the Real Estate industry, and has been teaching since 2002. 

Suprena Fay has two masters' degrees in accounting & business adminstration; she has been TRES's preferred tutor since 2017. 

For questions about the school or any of our classes, please email our administrative office at

About the Prelicensing Course

Triad Real Estate School NC’s 76.5-hour Real Estate Broker Prelicensing Course is the approved course required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to qualify for the North Carolina real estate license examination, and to obtain a North Carolina real estate broker license. 

The Real Estate Broker Prelicensing Course is an introductory level real estate principles and practices course with heavy emphasis on real estate brokerage law and practice. The primary objectives of this course are to: 

1. Provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to act as a licensed real estate broker in a manner that protects and serves the public interest.

2. Prepare students for the real estate license examination. 

Major topics addressed in this course include basic real property law, property taxation, land use controls, environmental hazards, brokerage relationships and practices, real estate contracts, real estate financing, closing a real estate sale transaction, real estate valuation, fair housing laws, landlord and tenant, property management, federal income taxation of real estate, basic house construction, basic real estate investment, the North Carolina Real Estate License Law and North Carolina Real Estate, Commission Rules and Trust Account Guidelines.

North Carolina Real Estate Broker Prelicensing Course Syllabus


Tuition of $450.00 includes the textbook and class materials. If student already has the required textbook, TRESNC will discount $20.00 from the course fee. The course textbook is the current edition of Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina, published by Dearborn Publishers. 

Tuition to retake the class once is $200. Students are eligible for a retake within 6 months of the completion date of the intital course for which they were enrolled. Please see the Prelicensing section of the School Bulletin for more information.   



Registration is open from the time the class is posted online until 24 hours before the start of the first day of class, depending on availability.  If a class is closed, it will be removed from our website. To register, continue below. After completing registration, you may bring your payment receipt to 285 S. Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, 27103 (M-F, 9am-5pm) to pick up your textbook. Our instructors recommend that you read the first two chapters before class begins. 

Classes are held at 1605 Westbrook Plaza Dr, Suite 303, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.


Prelicensing Study Resources (optional)

To purchase study resources, come to 285 S. Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, or purchase from your instructor. 

Purchase of resources is nonrefundable. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, or money order. 
We do not accept cash.

Questions & Answers Book

to Help You Pass the Real Estate Exam 


Modern Real Estate Practice Flash Card Review 


Real Estate Math Book


Hiking the Real Estate Trail

Your study guide for the NC Real Estate Exam – 9 CD Audio Set 


Private Math Tutoring

Suprena Fay

(336) 577 7397

 Contact for pricing


For questions regarding Triad Real Estate School NC, or any of our class offerings, you may contact us through email at, or by phone at (336) 748-5366.

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