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Being in the real estate business gives me a lot of joy.  For one thing, I LOVE showing homes!  I get excited to meet with anyone who will go with me to look at houses and anyone who will show me their homes.  I love to even scroll through pages and pages of homes listed for sale and when I come across “the” home, I get goose bumps all over!   I have been selling homes since 2006, but I have had the passion for homes and home decorating long before then. When I lived in Maryland (where I grew up and got married), I and my husband bought our first home.  It was a 900 square feet, 2 bedroom condominium and it was really CUTE!  We painted the entire home various shades of green (We really loved it then but I am not sure if I will do that again).  The pure amusement of opening the door to my first home that I owned gave me a type of satisfaction that I never knew before and made me really happy to come home every day. Well, that was the year 1999 and with the real estate boom that we had back then, that little condo’s value went through the roof (or the ceiling since I was on the 2nd floor condominium of the three story building) in 2 short years.  We sold the condominium and moved down the street to a townhome, an upgrade.  From then on, we sold 2 more times, the townhome and a single family home and in between the two homes, we moved here, to Raleigh, NC.  When we first moved, my husband and I planned to open a fine jewelry store.  My husband Kujun is a skilled bench jeweler who makes high quality fine jewelry by hand, OLD WORLD STYLE!  Since his skill is not so common and can add a lot of value to jewelry for those who recognize it, we thought we were sure to be successful.  I also studied and acquired several certifications from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and became a Diamonds and Colored Stones Expert.  However, we were young and inexperienced in retail business and in no time we drained our bank account, closed the doors to our first and only store in merely five months after opening.  (It was an expensive lesson... but no regrets, though, really!) So, here I am fulfilling my passion of selling homes at last!  In the process of buying and selling 4 homes personally in a total of 10 years (that’s 4 purchases and 3 sales!), I was really ready to make this my life long career.  I had been in a booming market, I had also been in a down market, I have been in a difficult market and I know the stagnant market (honestly, and it is really the time you need the help of a Realtor the most).  I have sold foreclosed and distressed homes, also in recent years. This is good news for you, because I know what it is like to be in all kinds of situations and can offer you the best service!   The services I offer is as my motto, “the FULL” service.  I believe in this and what it means to me.  It means that I sell something that you will love to live in and enjoy.  This also means that I will not go into hiding after my commission check that I will stay in contact with you, be available for your calls, emails, texts and all of your questions and concerns thereafter and I will only sell you the house that, should you decide to sell the home, that I can sell.  Striving to do as I promise, I am always keen to what is going on in and around our town, our city, our state and the world.  Everyday affairs of the world affects all of us no matter where we live and it is especially so when it comes to real estate.  Therefore, if it is going to make such a difference to you, you will hear me talking about it.  I am also a certified ABR, certified e-Pro and was a 2007 Awards of Excellence Rising Star with a Coldwell Banker local franchise.  ABR is an abbreviation for Accredited Buyer’s Representative designation.  This is given by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council and is only given to agents who fulfill set forth requirements both in knowledge and numbers of transactions to help buyers as well as passing their exam. e-Pro designation is a technology certification program where I am a recognized Internet Professional and is given by the National Association of Realtors. And, I confess, I really like technology, new gadgets and ever expanding array of on-line tools enabling me to advance my business while serving you with latest and greatest, are pure excitement for me! So, if you are a FIRST TIME HOME BUYER, I will be sure to provide you all the relative information of ownership to help you make a right decision.  I will be knowledgeable in the reasons of your purchase, your expectation of your new home, the area you want to live in, the life style you want to pursue and your occupational needs as well as your family’s needs.  This process is what I call the “buyer interview”.  And then, I will make sure you are fully informed of financing options and your purchase ability by helping you to work with a reputable loan officer.  When it’s a time to finally look at some of listed homes, I will provide a written report of what the actual housing costs would be for a particular house.  I will also help you see what a quality construction is and what is considered questionable.  Looking at surrounding areas together also is what I like to do, such as parks, shopping, major roads and more will definitely give you sense of a surrounding environment.  (you see, one time when I was making a purchase, no one told me that there was a landfill nearby, like a subdivision over.  Looking back, I don’t think it would have made a difference in the buying decision since I really loved the house but I sure would have liked to KNOW!)  I will tell you all that I know about a area and homes as long as the information is not against the Code of Ethics that I pledged to follow and rules and regulations of the Fair Housing and others laws set forth.  I feel very fortunate to be in the RALEIGH, CARY MARKET.  Since the burst of the housing bubble, yes the market definitely slowed down but we are not ‘bleeding’ hard-earn equities of our homes as some of the other hard hit markets have and are continuously experiencing.  This trend of holding value and in many areas showing healthy appreciation is due partly to a huge growth of population in our area.  I see firsthand, more cars on our roads and I now do run into real traffic backups.  (I am from MD/VA/DC area traffic and there really isn’t any traffic congestion to complain about, but to locals, it sure is a wonder to run into any delays)  Raleigh constantly and consistently gets featured in news on a ‘Best of’ list. Check out these news as listed on the Visit Raleigh website! If you are in Raleigh, Cary and the surrounding areas including MORRISVILLE, APEX, DURHAM & ITB, please give me a call, email me and text me for any of your real estate needs.  I will be happy to get you any and all information you will ever need to make your home transaction most pleasant.  If you need to move out of the area, although sad to see you have to go, I will assist you in finding you a same level of professional help of a Realtor where ever you are going.  Again, just contact me (call, email, text…)!    Hannah 919-740-0006 Mobile

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